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We offer unique packages.

J & J Legal Consulting was created to provide a one-stop shop for outsourced legal services support.

Whether you are a solicitors firm, in-house legal team, or claims management company we have access to leading experienced consultants who can meet your needs.

We offer flexible retainer packages and bespoke quotes.

Check out our services below and contact us confirming your interest to receive your free and n-obligation quote.

3/6/12 Month Options

What's Included:
  • 1) Unlimited access to interactive HR, debt, business, and employment libraries to improve productivity of senior management

  • 2) Recruitment

    Tired of paying high recruitment agency fees? Do you want to improve your recruitment strategy?

    Our recruitment support is included within out monthly retainer resulting in NO separate fees being incurred
  • 3) In-house visit(s)

    We meet with your team leaders and supervisors each month to work on improvements to performance, well-being, releasing WIP, increasing profits, and solving their departmental issues whilst providing recommendations to the law firm managers in order to maximise each departments performance

  • 4) Funding / Lending support whenever required.

    Outsource your requirements to us whether it be multi-million pound investment, a sale of your firm, interest only lending with no PG’s, case acquisition funding off balance sheet, or more traditional forms of lending

  • 5) Telephone and email support via a confidential service for all law firm managers.

    Receive expert advice, and reduce your to do list, by liaising with director level experienced solicitors in areas such as, increasing your work flows, locating new introducers of work and panels, problem solving, selection of third-party commercial partners (e.g. compliance, insurance, training, ATE Insurance, experts, we research the market and provide you with the recommendations and best quotes), department / business strategy support, personal support / advice

  • 6) Automated fee income projection system. (Optional)

    Accurate, interactive and automated. A bespoke automated model to assist with budgets, projections, fee earner targets / assessments. Manage your cash-flow better and secure stronger commercial partnerships with lenders using bespoke cash-flow forecasting.

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Set Monthly Fee

If you prefer us to work on specific areas of the business then please contact us with a summary of the project and we will arrange a quote for the same.

What's Included:
  • - Website Development
  • - Social Media (strategy & campaigns)
  • - Marketing & Lead Generation (strategy & implementation including PPC/social media)
  • - Training
  • - Non-Executive Roles
  • - Recruitment
  • - H.R. / Employment Law
  • - Compliance
  • - Financial Management (projections / kpi’s)
  • - Refinancing / Funding
  • - Law firm manager support (business & personal)
  • - I.T.
  • - Department development (case management system improvements & training)
  • - Researching and implementing new projects and new areas of law

Contact us at for further information and to confirm what services you feel would benefit your firm enabling us to provide you with a quote.