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What can you expect from J&J Consultancy

As your firm progresses through the financial year we are at hand to offer support, assistance, advice and the framework to problem solve, create and maintain the solutions and tools needed to improve the business culture, individuals, teams and turnover.

We do not want to dip in and out with our partners and our services are on hand any day, week or month you require our insight and support.

Whether you are researching a new area of law, a new project, trying to secure new clients, expand in to international markets, raise funding, refinance, seeking improvements to short/mid/long term projections we are there to support and solve those issues together.

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Whilst retained by your firm we can assist in the following areas:

Management of your firm

We have experience in reviewing and restructuring risk analysis, firm structure, the Board structure and the key external partners crucial to the firm and the Board. We are experts in the analysis of performance, setting of goals and targets along with the information you need at your fingertips to analyse, police and improve performance.

Financial Management (Projections / KPI’s)

We have experience of designing and analysing projections focussed directly on your past and expected future performance. Ensuring the projections and KPI’s are reasonable and justifiable is the crucial first step. We can provide and build unique projections which will benefit your Board, Finance Team and performance management of all departments.

Department development (Case Management System improvements & Training)

We speak with your employees from the ground up and make the recommendations needed to improve performance, retention, satisfaction and turnover in each department.

Whether it be the efficiency of the systems and processes, training, performance and behaviour standards, policing and rewarding performance and standards we are able to assist you develop each department to its maximum performance level.

Refinancing / Funding

We have experience in working with the leading FCA regulated organisations whom are able to refinance firms, provide working capital, disbursement funding, new case funding, along with the traditional VAT, Corporation Tax and HMRC lenders.

With experience in on and off balance sheet lending and working with some of the biggest financiers around the globe we are perfectly placed to introduce you to the business that can help take your firm to the next level.

In house training

We are able to arrange and provide the introductions to in house legal training teams to ensure your firm benefit from the best training and guidance available in your key areas of business.

Digital marketing

We have experience of generating large volumes of new leads via online and social media marketing. We can assist your marketing department with improving your existing methods.

Law firm manager support (Business & Personal)

In 2017 it was reported that lawyers suffer the most from stress of any profession in the UK. Managing a firm is incredibly rewarding and challenging in equal measure. Separating business and personal life is not easy and the two impact on each other in equal measure. Ensuring work life balance is a key aim of many. Supporting your managers and offering them the one to one support through a variety of sources is one of the benefits of our services.

Unrivalled Experience

Our Consultants have vast experience as a result of being Managing Partners/Managing Directors of
multi-disciplinary solicitors.

Unbeatable Problem Solving

We know the feeling when you just need a fresh pair of eyes to see something, or reassure you, the decision you have taken is the correct one.

Unique Approach

We want to engage with the management team and help you as an individual as much as the company.